Videoconference of the International ICT Competition project

On 24 April 2024, a videoconference was held within the Erasmus+ project „International ICT competitions enhance the quality of secondary education”. The conference was held at the partner school in Nowy Targ, where the Czech school was also on a partner visit. The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Agency (NA), representatives of the partner schools from Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic, and other teachers.

The project’s main coordinator presented the main results and achievements of the project, including the improvement of students’ ICT and English language skills, the successful organisation of international competitions and the acquisition of rich intercultural experiences by the students.

Tomasz Misiur (representative and coordinator of the Polish school) introduced the official project website, where all information and materials related to the project are available. The website also serves as the main platform for dissemination of results.

A brochure with examples of project activities and outputs was presented. The brochure contains inspiring examples such as the creation of presentations, online questionnaires, video tutorials, promotional websites, 3D souvenirs and school trip designs.

Icelandic teacher Grétar Karlsson graphically showed the results of a questionnaire about the booklet, which provided valuable feedback from users. This feedback will be used to improve future materials.

Analysis of the questionnaires completed by participants at each meeting provided an overview of participant satisfaction, their experiences and suggestions for improving future activities. These results were presented by Javier Cerrada López – coordinator from Spain.

Strategies for dissemination of the project results were discussed. Different dissemination methods were presented, including articles on school websites, social media posts, information corners in schools and publications in local periodicals.

The conference focused on presenting the project and its outputs. Representatives of each partner presented different aspects of the project in turn, which allowed participants to get a comprehensive overview of the results and experiences.

The conference was combined, with an emphasis on project evaluation, but also included dissemination activities. Other partners were also invited to the meeting, especially those who were sent a booklet of examples. The conference was also recorded and part of the recording, describing the content of the results, especially the brochure, will be used for further dissemination of the project.

During the visit of the Czech teachers and the conference, a proposal for the continuation of the project called „International ICT Competition IV” was also discussed to build on the successes to date and to increase cooperation between the schools involved.

The videoconference was successful and contributed to further strengthening the cooperation between partners, exchange of experiences and planning of future activities of the Erasmus+ project. between partners, exchange of experiences and planning of future activities of the Erasmus+ project.