Main activities

Fjolbrautaskoli Nordurlands vestra (FNV) is a comprehensive secondary school, in Northwest Iceland. It’s located in the Sauðárkrókur, which has a population of about 3000. FNV offers a great variety of courses, i.e. academic programs, art programs, vocational programmes, special education programmes and paramedic.

Approximately 500 students attend various study fields in FNV. Students are of all ages but most of them are 16 to 20 years old. They are very active and enthusiastic about creating an active social atmosphere in the school. Besides Icelandic we have courses in Danish, English, German and French. English is the most common as a second spoken language. We have a Fablab within the school in cooperation with the municipality. The Fablab is equipped with a 3D printer and the staff is willing to help teachers and students to learn. The motivation for FNV to get involved in the project: We realize the importance of educating students in programming for the 21st century.

Activities in the field of this application

At FNV all programs include at least one course in IT and we offer optional ICT related courses (programming, VR, etc.) every semester. In cooperation with the FabLab we also offer shorter courses that include 3D design and printing, microcomputer programming and more. We are working on implementing the use of office programs, online programs for graphics, including connections with other subjects (e.g. fictitious company, economic exercises, JA company …) as part of our curriculum and have plans to create a new study program that focuses on IT. All students have access to Fab lab (Fabrication Laboratory) and the vocational departments are equipped with the latest technology.