Main activities

Escuela FP Salesianos Juan XXIII is a VET school with nearly fifty years of service to the city of Alcoy and region. It is located in the north of the city in a working district and offers, in its section of professional training, 4 cycles of medium degree: Electromechanics of vehicles, Telecommunications, Administrative management and Commercial Activities. These CFGM are complemented with other 3 basic vocational training: maintenance of vehicles, informatics and Communications and Commercial services (this one, in late hours).The students move daily the school from Alcoy and nearby towns of the L’Alcoià and the Comtat region fundamentally, which implies a population of 150,000 inhabitants approximately.

Activities in the field of this application

On the other hand, the school maintains relations with the industrial and business fabric of the area, especially through the business practices agreements. At the same time, being immersed in the Salesian Inspectorate María Auxiliadora (at the Interautonomous level), it has collaboration agreements with large companies at national and multinational level. It is also approved for occupational and continuous vocational training. As for the previous experience in the participation in European projects, our school has participated in previous calls of Leonardo programs, Erasmus projects and Erasmus+ projects. In turn, it is involved in the European network of European designers of the Salesians schools, participates in the activities that, from XarxaFP Alcoy and from the city Council itself, are proposed to us and has a coordinating team of European projects.